Big Cats (aka Spencer Wirth-Davis) of Minneapolis hip hop duo The Tribe & Big Cats is set to release his solo album entitled For My Mother on 10/2. The project came to fruition last year after he received a grant from the American Composers Forum and the McKnight Foundation to make an instrumental Hip Hop/RnB album to honor his mother, who died from ovarian cancer in 2010. 75% of the proceeds from this record are being donated to the Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance, in honor of Christi Wirth-Davis. The album will be available on both CD and vinyl, with a release party at The Cedar on October 11th (with The Chalice and K. Raydio). Album pre-order and tickets can be purchased here.

Wirth-Davis describes the inspiration his mother has brought him by saying, “If it weren’t for her, I probably wouldn’t be making music today. Growing up, she devoted an incredible amount of time, effort and money to my music. She drove me to lessons, rehearsals, and band practices, put up with noise at all hours, records strewn around the house, and my tendency to play the largest instruments possible, and she was always the first to hear any new music I was working on and give feedback. This album is my eulogy for her.”

Spencer "Big Cats!" Wirth-Davis is a composer, musician and producer hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Wirth-Davis makes instrumental hip hop that draws from a wide range of musical influences including classical, hip hop and jazz. His work is melancholy, multi-layered and cinematic; a definite stylistic departure from the standard hip hop sound. As a multi-instrumentalist and student of hip hop, his music seamlessly integrates live instrumentation and traditional sampling techniques, while drawing from his background as a classically trained musician. In 2011, he received a McKnight Composer Fellowship, marking the first time it has been awarded to a hip hop artist. 

Big Cats has worked with:
Smoke DZA
BJ The Chicago Kid
Planet Asia
Phil Da Agony
Abstract Rude
Sage Francis
Toki Wright
The Chalice
Jolie Holland
Kristoff Krane
Kyle "Guante" Tran Myhre
Big Quarters